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ARMini Computer
David's software will now run on R-Comp's new ARMini Computer, Beagleboard and the PandaRO.
Click here  to find out more.

WebWonderWebWonder version 6.00 is here! 

Lots of new features. For more information, click here .

Looking for a serious Genealogy package? Click here .

Versailleslogo      ProOSM+

ProOSM+ is a brand new product - an OpenStreetMap interpreter for ProCAD+. To learn more about it, click here .

The picture on the right is a screen shot of a ProCAD+ version of the gardens of Versailles as interpreted by ProOSM+.

New symbol versions for ProOSM+ users. Click here  for details.

STOP PRESS: OSM data can now be obtained under RISC OS. Click here  for details.

On-line product registration

It is now possible to register your software product on-line. Click here  to find out how.

(See note on Forms problems below.)

ProCAD+ upgrades

ProCAD+ has been upgraded to version 1.08 and wProCAD+ has been upgraded to version 1.03.
To find out more, click on the appropriate link below:

ProCAD+ version 1.08
wProCAD+ version 1.03 

Problems with Forms.

When my web site was moved, forms ceased working. If you need to use a form, please go to the relevant form page and look at the information it is requesting, then send me an e-mail with that information and I will process it. Thank you for your understanding while we solve this issue.

New e-mail address: david@dsnell.co.uk 


FunFysics is a new release. It is a physical properties simulator that makes problem solving fun. Now comes with searchable e-manual.
(Updated 21/07/2014)

Try it for yourself. A free evaluation version is available for you to download from this web site. Click here  for more.


One satisfied user writes:
I bought FunFysics at the RISC OS South West Show and it is so brilliant I would like to buy a copy for my daughter who runs Virtual Acorn on a RISC cube.

PDF output

PDF iconThe latest versions of ProCAD+ and wProCAD+ are now supplied with PDF output. This means that you can offer your drawings to internet visitors so that they can be seen as quality vector drawings rather than pixel images or screenshots.

STOP PRESS: wProCAD+ has been given a facelift and now works with the mouse wheel  and WebWonder now includes Draw2PDF.

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