SERLO, promoted to this dignity from the archdeaconry of Exeter, by Bishop Brewer; elected 25th Now confirmed 2nd Dec. 1225 ; died 21st July, 1231.

ROGER DE WYNKLEIGH succeeded Serlo; died 13th Aug. 1252.

WILLIAM DE STANWEY, who died 31st Dec. 1268.

ROGER DE TORIZ was collated to this dignity from the archdeaconry of Exeter; died 29th April, 1274.

JOHN NOBLE was confirmed as Roger's successor 20th Sept. 1274.

JOHN PYCOT was the next dean, but I cannot meet with his collation in the episcopal Registers.

ANDREW DE KILKENNY, elected 25th Feb., was confirmed by the Archbishop of Canterbury, Aug. 1281 ; installed l3th March, 1284; died 4th Nov. 1302.

HENRY DE SOMERSET succeeded : elected on Thursday after the Epiphany, 1302-3 ; his obit was 22nd Dec. 1307.

THOMAS DE LECHLADE was the next dean, and died in the spring of 1309. Bishop Bytton's 'Register,' which might have supplied the dates of collation in these two instances, has unfortunately perished. Bishop Stapeldon, on 16th April, 1309 (fol. 40), circiter horam vesperarum, granted licence to the Chapter of Exeter to elect one of the canons to the office of dean. On 2nd May following (fol. 40 b), his lordship collated to the prebend and canonry Robert de Stapeldon, Professor of Civil Law, which Master Thomas de Lechlade lately obtained in the Church of Exeter, and which was now void by his death. The bishop granted a second licence to proceed to another election on 6th July, 1309 (fol. 42), two hours after receiving the Chapter's petition.

BARTHOLOMEW DE SANCTO LAURENTIO, confirmed 3rd June, 1311. On the death of Dean Lechlade, the chapter proceeded to an election ; when, at the scrutiny, the votes appeared balanced so equally between two of the canons, Johm de Brueton and Roger de Otery, that these ecclesiastics very readily consented to renounce all pretensions to the dignity. At a second election, a majority of votes was in favour of William de Kyngescote ; but, on account of a canonical informality, exception was taken by Bishop Stapeldon, who collated Bartholomew de Sancto Laurentio to the office. The rejected William appealed to the primate, Robert Winchelsey, who recalled the consideration of the affair to his own court. In the meantime William died, when the primate referred the case to Bishop Stapeldon's discretion, who, after mature deliberation, reconfirmed Bartholomew in the office of dean at the time abovementioned. The day of his obit was 27th Nov. 1326.

RICHARD DE COLETON occurs as dean on 6th Feb. 1327, and died on Monday after 1st Aug. 1335.

RICHARD DE BRAYLEGH confirmed successor to the above 2nd Oct. 1335.

REGINALD DE BUGWELL, admitted on Papal provision 28th June, 1353.

ROBERT SUMPTER, admitted 18 Aug. 1364.

THOMAS WALKYNGTON occurs 23rd Feb. 1378.

RALPH TREGISION, a native of St. Crede in Cornwall, occurs in June, 1385. His will, dated 16th June, 1414, was proved 26th July, 1415, the day after his death.

STEPHEN PAYN, confirmed 4th Nov. 1415 ; died 17th May, 1419.

ROGER BOLTER, the precentor, elected 28th June, 1419, but refused the election.

JOHN COBETHORN, confirmed 2nd Sept. 1419 ; ob. 25th Sept. 1457.

JOHN HALS, who was consecrated Bishop of Lichfield and Coventry 25th Nov. 1459. His appointment as dean is not in the Register.

HENRY WEBBER, elected 26th Dec. 1459 ; died 13th Feb. 1476-7,

PETER COURTENAY, confirmed dean 27th April, 1477 ; and on 8th Nov. 1478, was consecrated bishop of this see. His appointment is not in the Register.

LIONEL WOODVILE succeeded: elected in Nov. 1478. He was promoted to the see of Sarum 28th March, 1482.

JOHN ARUNDEL followed, but resigned on his promotion to the see of Lichfield and Coventry, in 1496.

EDWARD WILLOUGHBY, who died 23rd Nov. 1508.

THOMAS HOBBYS, S.T.P., confirmed 7th Feb. following, and died the following September.

JOHN VEYSEY, confirmed 19th Nov. 1509. Ten years after, he became Bishop of Exeter.

RICHARD PACE, who resigned 8th July, 1527.

REGINALD POLE (the celebrated cardinal of that name), from being a canon and prebendary, was confirmed dean 23rd Sept. 1527 ; on whose deprivation,

SIMON HEYNES, S.T.P., was elected his successor 16th, confirmed 28th July, 1537 ; died in October, 1552. He was Dean of Windsor and sometime chaplain to Kings Henry VII. and VIII. His canonry and prebend were given to John Blaxton on 28th Dec. 1552.

JAMES HADDON, S.T.P., was installed on the bishop's mandate 10th July, 1553. I find him collated to a canonicate in the cathedral, vacant by the death of Anthony Belasis, 31st Dec. 1552, but was deprived by Queen Mary.

THOMAS REYNOLDS, S.T.P., elected 9th Feb. 1554 ; nominated 7th Nov. 1558, by Queen Mary to the see of Hereford, but in consequence of her death did not receive episcopal consecration. His appointment was cancelled by her successor, Queen Elizabeth. He died in the Marshalsea Prison, 24th Nov. 1559. 'Athenæ Oxonienses,' London, 1691, vol. i. p. 689, states that he succeeded to the deanery in 1554, on the death of Dr. John Moreman.

GREGORY DODDS, elected 10th, confirmed dean by Archbishop Mathew Parker 25th Feb. 1559-60 ; died in the spring of 1570. On 9th May, 1571, his canonry and prebend in the cathedral were given by Bishop Wm. Bradbridge to Wm. Marston.

GEORGE CAREWE Dean of the Queen's Chapel, father of George, Earl of Totnes, and of Sir Peter Carewe, Knight (Lib. 2, 'Hist. and Antiq. Univ. Oxon?), succeeded, and confirmed by Archbishop Parker, 12th Jan. 1570. Carew's appointment does not occur in the 'Register.' On his death in June, 1583, æt. 85,

STEPHEN TOWNSEND, S.T.B., confirmed 5th Oct. 1583. He died in office.

MATTHEW SUTCLIFFE, D.D., confirmed 27th Oct. 1588 ; on whose death,

WILLIAM PETERSON, S.T.P., and Rector of Diptford and Brooke, was confirmed his successor 18th July, 1629 ; on whose death,

SETH WARD, D.D., was elected, 26th Dec. 1661, at the King's recommendation, and confirmed 13th Jan. following; on whose resignation for the see of Exeter,

EDWARD YONUGE, S.T.B., was elected 21st Aug. 1662. Will made 6th June, proved 14th Aug. 1663.

GEORGE CARY, elected 5th Sept. 1663 ; died (die Purificationis) 2nd Feb. 1680-1, æt. 69. He was twice offered the mitre of Exeter by King Charles II.: first, on the translation of Bishop Ward to Salisbury; and, secondly, on the translation of Bishop Sparrow to Norwich - but modestly and humbly declined the dignity. He was buried at Clovelly, to which rectory he was presented by King Charles I., 29th April, 1638. His canonry on his death was given, on 23rd March, 1680, to Richard Annesley, S.T.B.

THE HONOURABLE RICHARD ANNESLEY, S.T.B., who became third Lord Altham, nominated to the deanery 9th Feb., by King Charles II. ; made canon 23rd Mar. and elected 6th April, 1681 ; died 16th Nov. 1701.

WILLIAM WAKE, D.D., elected 14th and confirmed 20th Feb. 1702-3 ; on whose promotion to the see of Lincoln,

LAUNCELOT BLACKBURNE was elected 3rd Nov. 1705. He became Bishop of Exeter in 1716-17.

EDWARD TRELAWNY, Archdeacon of Exeter, elected 18th Mar., 1716-17, and continued to hold both offices till his death, 24th Oct. 1726.

JOHN GILBERT, elected 27th Dec. 1726, and confirmed 7th Jan. following; on whose promotion to Llandaff,

ALURED CLARKE, D.D., Prebendary of Westminster and Winchester, was elected 12th and confirmed 27th Jan. 1740-1. He laid the foundation stone of the Devon and Exeter Hospital, on 27th Aug., 1741 ; and, with John Tuckfield, Esq., the city member, may be ranked as founder; died 31st May, 1742.

WILLIAM HOLMES, D.D., President of St. John's College, Oxford. See his epitaph, p. 404, vbl. 8, 'Nichols' Lit. Anecdotes' ; elected 14th Aug. and confirmed 14th Sept. 1742; died 4th April, 1748, æt. 59; buried at St. John's, Oxford.

CHARLES LYTTELTON, LL.D., President of the Antiquarian Society, brother of George Lord Lyttelton, elected 1st and confirmed 6th June, 1748 ; on whose promotion to the see of Carlisle (he died a bachelor 22nd Dec. 1768, and was buried at Hagley),

JEREMIAH MILLES, D.D., afterwards President of the Antiquarian Society, son-in-law of Archbishop Potter, was elected 28th April, and confirmed 8th June, 1762 ; died 16th Feb. 1784, æt. 70. See p. 472, vol. iv.' Literary Anecdotes.' He was nephew to the Right Rev. Dr. Thomas Milles, who died Bishop of Waterford, 13th May, 1740, and to the Right Rev. Dr. Richard Pococke, Bishop of Meath. He was buried at the church of St. Edmund-the-King, Lombard Street, London, where an elegant monument by Bacon is inscribed to his memory. Dr. John Milles resigned a canonry in Exeter Cathedral in Aug. 1705.

WILLIAM BULLER, D.D., half brother of Mr. Justice Buller, elected 25th March, 1784 ; on whose resignation for the deanery of Canterbury,

CHARLES HARWARD, M.A., Dean of Chichester, was elected 16th July, and confirmed 13th Aug. 1790 ; died 15th July, 1802, æt. 79.

CHARLES TALBOT, B.D., elected 31st Dec. 1802, installed and confirmed 3rd Jan. 1803 ; on whose resignation for the deanery of Sarum,

GEORGE GORDON, B.D., was elected his successor, 15th April, 1809 (obiit at the Deanery, Lincoln, 2nd Aug. 1845, æt. 84, D.D.); on whose resignation for the deanery of Lincoln, on 5th Feb. 1810,

JOHN GARNETT, D.D., was elected and installed 24th Feb., and confirmed 17th March, 1810 ; died 12th March, 1813, aged 65.

WHITTINGTON LANDON, D.D., Provost of Worcester College, Oxford, elected 24th April, 1813. He died at Betchcott near Ludlow, Shropshire, 29th Dec. 1838, aged 80.

THOMAS HILL LOWE, Precentor of the cathedral, elected 27th June, confirmed the 1st and installed 2nd Aug. 1839.

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