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Using URL files and Link files in WebWonder 

WebWonder’s facilities have been extended to give comprehensive handling of URL and Link files.

A URL file is a file of type &B28 and contains just a URL that usually starts with http:// or mailto:
A link file is an HTML file that consists of a single HREF command that contains a URL, and is followed by a piece of text to click on. When a URL file is double-clicked on in a filer window, the browser is run and the URL is loaded. If it is a mailto: URL the e-mail sending software is usually invoked. Similarly, a link file will run the browser but the action will only be carried out once the link’s text has been clicked on.

In Fresco and some other browsers, dragging the top URL icon of a browser page will create a URL file. This can be dragged directly into WebWonder’s hyperlink dialogue box.

Importing URL and Link files into WebWonder:

If WebWonder’s hyperlink dialogue box is set for ‘Remote’, ‘Email’ or ‘Other’, then a URL file or a link file (or even a text file containing a URL) may be dragged to the dialogue box, where its useful contents will be loaded into the appropriate icon.

Exporting URL and Link files from WebWonder:

The ‘Remote’, ‘Email’ and ‘Other’ writable icons of WebWonder’s hyperlink dialogue box may be dragged to a filer window to create a URL file. The line opposite ‘Local’ may also be dragged, but this will only work correctly if the Server name in the ISP Setup dialogue is a domain name.

Alt-double-click on links in WebWonder:

An Alt-double-click on a local link in a WebWonder page caused the page referenced by the link to be opened. As an extension of the URL file mechanism, it is now possible to Alt-double-click on any link.

If the link is non-local, i.e. Remote, Email or Other, a URL file containing the link is created in the scrap area and is executed. If your browser is running and you are on-line, for Remote and Other links, the page will be accessed.

For an Email link, your e-mail sending software will be invoked and the address placed in the recipients address field.

This mechanism depends on your browser and e-mail software correctly handling URL files.

URL on a page:

From version 5.00 onwards, a URL file may be dragged onto a web page. In this case it will become a link to the URL with the appropriate text shown as the link.

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